Recharge payments

This method lets you accept crypto payments as deposits into your customers’ internal wallets.

Open the Merchant Demo Page and choose Recharge.

You will see the recharge payment window.

Press Connect Wallet and choose the wallet you want to use for this payment.

If the customer has crypto assets, he can pay with one of them using Meta Mask, Ledger, or other crypto wallets.

If the buyer is new to crypto, he can also pay with his bank card by buying crypto with an integrated on-ramp service.

In our demo shop, use the Demo Wallet, which already has tokens to demonstrate the purchase process.

Choose Demo Wallet and see the wallet widget.

Choose the desired amount and press Send money

After a few seconds you will see the confirmation of the payment and your wallet balance will be increased by the corresponding amount.

Congratulations! You’ve completed a successful wallet recharge using crypto with SMARTy Pay!

Try recharge payments yourself on the Merchant Demo Page.

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