Subscription Widget

Widget to create a new subscription for customer with selected plan
The subscription widget allows merchants to stay in the low-code ground, and embed ready-to-use UI component into their web stores that allow customers to create new subscriptions.
To start using the widget you first need to create some subscription plans, and create a token to initialize the widget.

Create a session token in your backend

import {SmartyPayAPI} from 'smartypay-node-sdk';
const api = new SmartyPayAPI({
secretKey: 'YOUR_SECRET_KEY',
publicKey: 'YOUR_API_KEY',
// Specify your target plan id
const activePlans = await api.getActivePlans();
const targetPlanId = activePlans[0].id
// Make a new access token for the widget in frontend
const customerId = 'your_customer_id';
const sessionToken = await api.subscriptions.createCustomerToken({customerId});Ca

Open the widget in your Frontend

import {SmartyPaySubscriptions} from 'smartypay-client-sdk';
const frontApi = new SmartyPaySubscriptions();
// specify your controller to open the widget:
// <div id='widget-parent'></div>
// <button id='open-widget-button'>Open widget</button>
const buttonElement = document.getElementById('open-widget-button');
// show widget on button's click
buttonElement.addEventListener('click', ()=> {
sessionId: sessionToken, // sessionToken from backend
planId: targetPlanId, // targetPlanId from backend
target: 'widget-parent' // id for parent element in html page
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