SMARTy Pay offers the following core features for accepting payments in cryptocurrencies:

  • Accept crypto payments on your website.

  • Create invoices to get paid for your services.

  • Let your customers recharge their internal wallets on your website.

  • Collect donations.

  • Arrange paid subscriptions.

  • Make payouts.

All these operations can be performed using different cryptocurrencies and settled in your merchant wallet in a stablecoin of your choice.

Customers can pay in any crypto using built-in quick-swap services, or they can buy crypto with a bank card via integrated on-ramp services in the same payment widget.

Our mission is to bring mass adoption, making crypto payments easy for customers, and convenient, profitable, and easy to integrate for merchants.

Our main priority is the complete security of funds; that’s why the payment processing logic is entirely implemented on the blockchain in the form of a set of smart contracts (a strict, autonomous algorithm). We never have control over your or your customers’ funds.

We also care about your business’s security. Blockchain is inherently transparent system where all transactions can be seen by anyone on the internet. But with our optional feature, your competitors will not be able to determine the turnover of a particular store based on public data available in the blockchain explorer.

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