Withdraw funds

Go to Withdrawals on the left menu and press the Withdraw button.

Select the asset to withdraw and click Continue.

Input the desired amount and the destination wallet address.

Press Continue to see the withdrawal details on the final step.

Press Withdraw to complete the operation, and you will be returned to the Withdrawals section in your merchant dashboard.

Launch the withdrawal process using the Start button.

If this is your first withdrawal, you will need to deploy our smart contract first. This is a one-time operation. Confirm it with your crypto wallet (you will need to have a small number of native tokens to pay for this operation).

For this demonstration, we used MetaMask.

Confirm the operation with your wallet and continue.

After you’ve deployed the contract, you can make a withdrawal.

Confirm the operation with your MetaMask wallet, and after a few seconds, the operation will be completed. You can see the result in the list of withdrawals.

The withdrawn funds will be successfully deposited in your destination wallet.

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